Oman – October 2012

Omani roadsigns

Salam aleikum!┬áBack from Oman, we still can’t believe this is such an unknown destination for European tourists. Only a 6-hour flight away, it offers a complete Arabian experience:┬ádesert sands, palm gardens, hidden pools, pomegranates, spices and frankincence, goats (lots of goats), ancient villages, busy souqs and even luxury beach hotels. The Omani people must be the friendliest people in the world. Everyone we met welcomed us with open arms, even the most toothless old men in the most remote places. If you like hiking in wild country, off-road driving, dates and arabic coffee, then this really is a must-visit country.

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Istanbul Jul 2011

Visiting a good friend in Istanbul just for a few hot summer days.

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